Monday, July 19, 2010


These 3 beautiful creatures were all found as strays and brought to the shelter where I volunteer. 

Let's start with the little fellow at the top (Guiness).  It was love at first sight when I met this little fellow.  Guiness has a neurological disorder and when he walks his back feet become dead weight the only way he can move around he has learned is to run and hop which works well for him but not for the person taking him for a walk as that little fella can move it!  He is no bigger then my hand and must weigh about 5 lbs tops if even that but he has a heart and soul bigger then any 150 lb dog  or person I have ever met.  He does tire easily so when he does he loves to be picked up and just held in your arms, and for this he will give you a big wet kiss.   He is strong willed too he crawled over 6 other dogs to get to the front of the kennel so that I would see him and take him for his walk, little did he know I was there just for him anyway.  How anyone could have left him on the street to fend for himself is beyond me, I wonder what was his life like before he came to the shelter.

Lingcod is a beautiful 1 year old Pit Bull with the best personality.  He is quite the ladies man quite gentle when he knows one of the girls is walking him and loves to sit right by you and be petted and getting a belly rub sends him over the moon.  He is such a fun loving guy always wagging that tale and eager to please.  He has been at the shelter for a while now as currently the shelter where I volunteer has 65 dogs up for adoption let alone the ones waiting in the back to be moved up, one of which is Lingcod.  Unfortunately for the bigger dogs kennels do not come available as quickly; then of course there is the long wait in the adoption kennels as Lingcod is a Pit Bull and most folks will just walk right on by instead of giving him the chance to show what a wonderful boy he is and what a loving and playful companion he would make for some lucky person.  At the moment the volunteers at the shelter are trying to make his stay bearable as he is becoming stressed from the long days of just sitting and waiting.  We take him out for walks and play with him as much as we can but it is not the same as having your own person to love you.

Next is Frex,  a sweet and fragile 8 year old chihuahua found wandering the streets.  Frex was found wandering the streets near starvation every little movement scares her.  To pick her up and hold her puts her in a panic until she realizes you are someone that can offer her the love she probably never had.  She is afraid to look at you but will sit on your lap quietly until you take her back to the kennel with the others where she is considering her home for the moment. 

It always boggles my mind how people just use pets as throw away items.  I can understand those that bring their pet to the shelter because of today's economy many of those people are so broken hearted to release them to the shelter, but those that just don't care that bring them to the shelter because they are no longer puppies and are no longer cute and cuddly but rather frail  and sick, or puppies that have to much energy, something had they researched before they would have known, why do people think animals are things.  Some days I come home and I sit and cry as I so want them to all have good homes but some are so damaged by humans they never make it out the front door of the shelter again.  It hurts me to look at those eyes from the other side of the kennel, even the ones that are so tuff that bark and charge the gate, give them a cookie and they calm down.  Yesterday there was a German Shepard with the tag to euthanize on his kennel, he barked and barked at me and I went over and gave him a couple of cookies and he let me pet him, I told him he was loved I hope that he remembered this .

For the lucky ones that do make it out you can bet they are grateful, I only wish we the humans realized it is us that should be grateful.


  1. these stories all just break my heart....

    i don't know how anyone can harm an animal, let alone just leave it somewhere....

    that first one....well, what spunk !

  2. we got coco from the pound 3 years ago- and we always comment that we turned out to be the lucky ones. hugs dear!