Monday, July 26, 2010

Worldwide Photo Walk

IMGP6422, originally uploaded by sunmallia.
So this past Saturday I joined the Worldwide Photo Walk, my group was located in Sunnyvale, California.  Now I am pretty shy so it was quite fun to get together with other photographers and start snapping away I think crowds give you courage or you can hide behind them if someone gets cross with you. I was actually able to do some portraits of people which I never do as I am always to shy to ask, but people kept approaching me asking what I was doing and after I explained I would meekly ask "can I please take your photo", and you know everyone I asked said yes, who would have thunk! Now comes my second problem you see since I never take portraits  I got so excited at the prospect of actually shooting a LIVE person I did not pay attention and many came out blurry, (maybe this is why I don't take portraits).

I am also entering my first contest all participants get to submit a photo of the day; now since my competition is photographers who actually know what they are doing from all over the world my chances are slim, but for me I did win as I did in one weekend two things I have been scared to do ask a person for a photo and enter a contest;  so good on me :)

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