Friday, July 23, 2010

Darn Where Are My Glasses?????

As I get on in years this happens more and more. I  set something down look for it a second later and forget where the heck I put it. I have lost a kazillion sunglasses this way, I think I am the one keeping that business afloat. Mind you many times they are sitting right on top of my head. I have even tried buying those things that hang your glasses around your neck, but then I forget I have it on and start looking for the glasses until they hit me in the face as I am bending over to look for them.

John and I laughed the other day as it takes us longer to do the gardening now as we forget where we leave the gardening tools. One day we looked and looked for a shovel, each of us blaming the other for putting it somewhere where we could not find it ever again and there it was leaning on the fence right next to us.

Yesterday when I arrived home I heard the house alarm blaring in the background, this could only mean two things I am being robbed or the dogs are in the house having a party!!  Unfortunately it was the DOGS I forgot to close the doggie door before I left for work yesterday and they were in there running around with pillows, laying on the bed, getting in to their food container, the usual bad dog stuff.  I did however have a nice greeting at the door from the little ones as Presley knows better and she ran out into the yard as soon as she heard me coming, the little guys just figured mom was being nice for the day so let's whoop it up in here while her mood lasts, anyway......

I used to tease my mom about all the post it notes she would put around the house to remind her of things, now that idea is actually starting to seem like a good one. The only funny thing about my mom's notes is she would put her name "Rita don't forget doctor's appt", she is the only one in the house who else would the note be for!!! But guess I better not make fun of it as maybe at some point that might become logical to me too......


  1. haha! i´m soooo glad i´m not the only one. p.s. thank you for your sweet comment today:)

  2. Too funny! My mom has used enough PostIt notes to circle the earth 6 times too : )

    ps- BF visit! Have a great weekend

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Really enjoyed reading yours. Love your profile pic. You remind me of my friend who passed away three years, Char' Fontane. She was an actress, great singer-performed in Grease of Broadway-she loved her hats!

  4. lol... this is funny but happens to everyone, like when u're lookin for ur glasses but then realized that u've put them on..