Monday, July 12, 2010


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This last weekend I had my cousins over for Brunch, they are visiting from London.

It was so funny as my cousin Louis could not grasp the concept of having savory food (sausages and hash browns) with sweets (German Pancakes). I had this happen with my cousins from Australia as well my cousin Mike could not understand why you would make a sweet dessert out of pumpkin! When you think about it I guess mixing the two is strange, but this is how I grew up and I love it!

Although we are different in the food arena we are so much alike in many other way. Louis and I never grew up together, obviously because of the distance between us. But it is so strange how we do have the same habits, mannerisms and such. When I see them it is like we pick up where ever we left off the last time we were together, not a beat skipped.

We laughed for most of the morning and made fun of the rest of our family who could not be there to defend themselves, he he. It is always sad when they leave I wish they were closer by, but these days with the Internet and all it is almost and I say almost like having them just around the corner.

We were always taught as kids that your family is the most important thing, if you have nothing else you will always have them. With my family this is true, I know if I needed anyone of them they would be on a plane in a flash. I am very lucky to have them as I know this is not always the case with people, so God has blessed me well.

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