Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Tall Drink of Water

Day 207/365, originally uploaded by sunmallia.
That is what I needed after this photo session, a tall drink of water, (or maybe something stronger)!

I saw a similar photo online the other day and thought oh let me try this it looks easy enough, a million photos later this is what I came up with and still am not totally pleased that darn shadow back there haunted me for every photo I took. Tried placing my flash to the left, to the right, above, below, behind, the only thing I did not do was stand it on it's head! Well my whole journey this year is to try to become a better photographer so I am going to win some and lose some, lately I have been doing more losing then winning though.

But I am not complaining as John and I had lots of laughs and arguments while I was trying to do the photo. John is my able bodied assistant, he has no choice but to help as he is right there in the house with me so "resistance is futile".

Maybe next year I will make flash photography my goal for the year, this year is just trying to figure out what all those dials and thingys are for on my camera, gosh better hurry only 158 days left!

1 comment:

  1. *LOL*
    The best post of the day!
    It made me fall under the table laughing!
    Thank you!!!

    I try to become a better photographer too and I know what's really difficult to mug...yeah...I definitely know... :-DDD

    And it's good! It's really good! I mean it!