Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Furry Friday

These are my regular customers, twice a day they line up and watch me fill their dog bowls, once filled they each go to their respective spots and wait for me to place the bowl down. We each have a routine before I put the bowl down, Presley sits and waits until I tell her o.k. and then she gets a big hug, Cody runs to his red carpet, sits and waits for me to give him a big kiss and scratch his chin and Sparky speaks and spins then sits and waits for a kiss.

They each know they do not invade the others space and when they are done they run out to the yard, back to chasing their squirrels. Presley is usually the first to finish, she is like a human vacuum I often wonder does she even taste the food, Sparky is next and finally Cody, he had to have most of his baby teeth removed and they never grew back so he eats and chews very slowly.

Happy Furry Friday everyone!

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