Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As we were driving to Mt. Lassen this last week we came to an area that was devastated by fire. It was a stark contrast to the snowy mountains that lay just ahead. I wondered was it man or nature that caused this devastation. Nature I can always forgive as mother knows best what is good for her planet. Man I cannot forgive as he/she should know better.

As I walked around taking my photos I noticed two boys fishing in the stream below, funny how life does go on in the midst of all this.  But how long will it take for this area to revive it self to it's former beauty.  I think of the gulf coast and the horrible attack on it's ocean and wildlife, I worry how will they survive, when and how will they make it go away, how much more does this region have to endure before life is able to thrive again.

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