Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Installment 4 - The Maltese Falcon

Since we could not find a stout Englishman in the house, today the role of Sydney Greenstreet as The Fat Man will be played by Cody Mallia, my stout Beagle whose nick name is Fat Boy.

As the scene opens, Fat Boy as Sydney Greenstreet as The Fat Man has just rung up Brigid O’Schaunessey.  He claims to have the statue of the Falcon in his possession and for a mere liver flavored treat will turn it over to Miss O’Schaunessey.  This news excites Brigid she arranges to meet Fat Boy as Sydney Greenstreet as The Fat Man at a clandestine location, however; Fat Boy as Sydney Greenstreet as The Fat Man does not know what clandestine means (he is a dog, Hello Brigid) and just sits on the bed with a blank look on his face.

To which a voice from afar can be heard saying: “Will you get the dog out of the bed I am tired and want to go to sleep”

To which Brigid and Fat Boy as Sydney Greenstreet, as The Fat Man reply: Shut up, give me my liver treat (that is Fat Boy's line by the way), and sleep on the couch we are making art here!

Stay tuned for the last chapter of “The Maltese Falcon.  

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