Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter From my Mom and Sophie and Me

Since I don't dress for Easter anymore I thought I would buy Sophie a little Easter Dress and doll her up, I would have gotten her a hat too but she refused, oh well..

I kind of miss the days when I was little and my mom and I would go shopping for an Easter Dress and Hat, that was the one holiday we used to go all out for.  I remember going to church and all the ladies and girls wore beautiful Easter Bonnets, wonder what has happened to those days, are there still people out there that wear Easter Bonnets?

I also miss my Easter Basket filled with tons of great candy and toys, it wasn't so much what was in the basket but the grand way it looked.  My mom would always make our Easter Baskets, I remember her coming home with the baskets, colored hay, candy, and then we would paint our Easter eggs to place in the baskets.  The actual making of the basket was more fun then the eating.  As I got older I grew out of the Easter Basket tradition but my Dad would not let it die, he would still buy me a chocolate Easter Bunny every year regardless of how old I was up until the day he died, I sure miss my chocolate Easter Bunny every time I pass by a Chocolate Easter Bunny I think of my Dad and how happy he was to present me with the bunny.  Just the site of the bunny brings back my Dads smiling face.

The one thing about Easter I haven't lost is my faith, Easter is a time for hope and new beginnings.  So to all of you out there wearing an Easter Bonnet or not have a happy, blessed Easter.

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  1. your memories remind me of mine! miss all those childhood holidays so much...Happy Easter to you!!