Thursday, March 4, 2010

Days 59 to 63 - 2010

I have always lived near the sea, born on an Island surrounded by water, living on the west coast of the US there has always been some large body of water near me. I really don't know if I could function unless I had a an ocean or sea close by.
I don't really know what draws me here as I am really terrified of water, I even panic when water hits my face in the shower! Maybe it is the mystery behind the sea; the creatures that live in or around it, it's like going to a whole other planet no one really knows what is down there.
It also puts me at peace, the sound of the waves rolling in and the mist that hits your face as your walk along the shore. I love watching people by the sea building sand castles, playing tag with the waves, dogs bouncing in and out chasing their balls. People go to the sea to play, they also go to think to contemplate their lives, it helps us figure things out we children of the sea.
It deceives you, it can be very beautiful and inviting, tells you it is your friend but then huge swells that grow over 30 feet high crash along the shores reminding you that it is the boss. Not many try to challenge it, the fishermen are not afraid, the surfers love to ride those big waves, but me I am happy with my glass of water and looking from afar.
I haven't figured out how I can love something I am so afraid of it is just one of life's many mysteries I guess...

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  1. I've always loved the sea as well so I can identify with your comments....I suppose that is why I spend so much time by our river (other than the beach here is boring). Your imagry and writting are melding rather well...