Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58/365 - 2010

So today's chat is about letting go and letting yourself be a kid again. As adults we don't get to do that a lot as we are busy with day to day things like work, paying bills, taking care of people, etc. and we lose that little twinkle in our eyes that we had when we were a kid, we lose the ability to play. Gosh as a kid I used to love to play, at home, at the park, in the car, it was so easy to make up a game then.

Well this week I had a photo assignment on the Digital Photography School site and it was a beverage, take a pic of a beverage. Now this may not be the best pic submitted but I can assure you I had the most fun doing it.

John and I did it together, we first tried with water just to get our baring. Well we thought ok throw a small pebble in there and it should make the plop we want, so plop and nothing..... Then I told him this technique is called cookie splash so we can use a dog biscuit, now this was not the best idea as we have 5 dogs all of whom saw the box come and and wanted to know what the heck are you doing with my biscuits they should be in my mouth not that cup! So anyway we dropped the biscuit in, nothing..... So I said John stand on a chair and drop it from higher, nothing.... Then I spied an orange in the fruit bowl and bingo we had our bomb, it sprayed water all over the place. So we filled the cup to the top with coffee took a million pictures and finally came up with this! If you try, use lots of towels, wear a rain coat, get a mop, put the dogs out in the yard, or maybe not they like to play along too :)

It was great as it gave us a secret way to play, we had an excuse I had a project had to get it done so we HAD TO PLAY! So today if nothing else go play :)


  1. this is freaking awesome... and i know what you mean(:...

  2. thanks for visiting my blog as it brought me to yours.. Love love love you photo.. It's hysterical and getting to play as you took it.. I look at photography as a fun way to explore...