Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 72/365 - 2010

I took this photo as part of a DPS Challenge called commute.  Believe it or not I really do see this on my way to the shelter as a matter of fact it is just behind the shelter we take dogs walking there all the time.  It does not always looks this pretty I did add a couple of textures created by a fellow photographer named ET Takeyama as a matter of fact if it was not for ET I would probably have trashed this photo as it was a dull gray day when I took it. 

It is funny how we can trick the eye into seeing things that aren't really there, it has been done for ever.  I have learned the final photo is probably not what it looked like right out of the camera.  There are incredible programs that help you maniuplate your photos into works of art.  Never in my wildest dreams as a little girl with my Brownie Camera would I have thought that I could do something like this.  You think Monet would be proud, I know I am :)

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