Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64/365 - 2010

A Happy Furry Friday from my boy Cody. He is waiting for his breakfast cookie and wishes I would put the camera away so he could eat his cookie.

When you think of mischief this little guy is whom you should picture. I always know when a wall has been gnawed, a garbage can over turned, my lunch disappearing from the counter, my eyes will turn to him and as soon as I yell Buffalo Bill Cody what have you done he makes a B-line for his kennel. He is very strong willed and wants to be top dog but he does respect the other dogs' space, what is his is his and don't you dare come near him to take away something that he feels belongs to him, but what is theirs is theirs and he will not touch it if he knows that.

One of the favorite rituals at lunch time is everyone gets a cookie for lunch, well the other 4 gobble theirs down before you even know there was a cookie present. Cody, he waits and stands in front of his cookie daring anyone to come over and eat it and if anyone gets within a foot of him and that cookie we hear very loud and I do mean LOUD howling. This goes on for about an hour he then goes outside to bury it and leaves. What he does not realize is that 4 other dogs are watching this, when he leaves they run and un-dig the cookie and eat it anyway. However we let Cody think that he has a treasure chest full of cookies out there somewhere, it makes him happy:)

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  1. ahhh that is too sweet! and so is that face!