Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34/365 - 2010

Meet Buffalo Bill “Cody”, Cody will be 2 years old this April and is a Beagle!

Well when I lost my Beagle Lily, at the age of 18 ½ years I told John I could never have another Beagle as no other dog would ever live up to her. Well I have to tell you my heart was so broken when I lost her, I could not imagine my life without this beautiful creature in it especially since she graced me with it for so long. And Skippy her partner was also heart broken I started losing him as well on the day she died.

Just for the heck of it one day at work I opened up the Beagle Rescue page and was going through it and saw this happy face puppy named Ollie. Well my fingers just automatically started typing a letter to the rescue asking if he was available and I got a letter back the next day saying yes and off to Sacramento we went to meet this little guy.

Cody was surrendered to a local shelter at the age of 9 weeks, the owners had only had him for a week. I was told it was because the owners were in the military and they were deployed to Iraq, but why would you even think of adopting a dog if you knew you were going to be deployed….. I figured it was because he was a Beagle and they can be a bit of a handful. Well when I met Cody that proved to be true! He lived in a Foster Home with 4 other dogs and two lively young boys, all of which had a lot of energy. When I picked him up he tried to bite me. His Foster Mom said they had inquiries as he was as cute as can be but when they came to meet Cody they just did not click his energy was just to high. Well it had been a long time since I had a puppy in the house, Presley was the closest thing she was 1 when I got her the year before. But we took Cody out to meet with everyone and he seemed to like the whole gang so I said yes I would take him and off we went.

He is a handful I have to tell you, a typical Beagle and a typical young boy. He loves to speed around the house when the urge hits him and then just spins and spins. He has calmed down quite a bit since I first met him and loves people now, the only reason he did not let me pick him up when we first met is he had a bad flea infection and it hurt him so once I cleared that up he was just fine I have never had a problem with him with people or dogs. He loves to howl especially when he see a squirrel, which sets Presley off and then I get stereo howling! He is a sweet boy and loves to play with just about anything so I have to mind where I put anything down, his most recent acquisition were my house keys, I looked and looked for them for days and blamed John for misplacing them when one day out comes Cody from his kennel with the keys!

Did he replace Lily, no, but there was a new open spot in my heart which he soon filled :)

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