Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35/365 - 2010

Meet Sparky aka “Sparkles” Sparky is 2 years old and a Miniature Schnauzer Mix (Mutt).

Well last but not least is Sparky. I met Sparky in December of 2008. He was brought in as a stray, he was pretty much a feral dog, a throw away nobody wanted. He was great with other animals but since he had never had any interaction with humans he just did not like us at all. It took me 6 weeks of just going and sitting in the kennel with him, doing nothing other then reading a book, playing with his kennel mates until he finally started to come around to sniff me. Well once that happened I was able to lasso him and start taking him out to walk with me. The more we went out together the more he trusted me, 3 weeks after that I was actually able to pick him up without a fuss. Once he trusts you he trusts you. Well in February I was told he was not getting any better, he was still snapping at people and did not want to communicate so he would probably be put down soon. Well I knew different and I was not going to give up on this guy.

At the time my beagle Skippy was pretty sick and I wanted to bring Sparky home to foster him but Skippy came first at the time. I did not want his last days to be traumatized by a new addition, we had had Cody for just a few months and that was enough for poor Skip. So John kindly offered to foster him; so now we needed to get him used to John and very quickly. So John worked with him for 2 weeks but still no interest, but he needed to get out so we figured if he only had John to care for him he would have no choice but to bond to him and I was right they soon became fast friends. I actually took Cory and Sophie with me as I did not want Sparky bonding with them before he bonded with John. Well two weeks later I lost Skippy, that was two dogs in 4 months I had lost and again my heart was broken. Skippy was one in a million he made me laugh everyday of his life, you could never be mad or sad when Skip was around. Anyway in his honor I decided I would foster dogs instead of adopting, so I took Sparky back to try and work with him so he could find a good home. Well he did with me as I could not give him up, I became a foster failure.

He still does not trust easily it takes him a while before he lets you into his heart. But once he does you have a friend for life. He comes running from where ever he is in the house when I say who is going to give me a kiss, he loves to get big hugs and loves to go for big long walks with the pack. He too is a hunter so poor squirrels do not have a chance at my house. He is a little character, a rascal is what I call him as he always gets Presley or Cody to do something bad so they can take the blame and he can smell like a rose :)

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