Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57/365 - 2010

Meet Quixote and Picasso, they are residents of Bubbling Wells Pet Cemetery in Northern California, one of the largest and oldest Pet Cemetery's in the USA. Unfortunately I have come to know them quite well in the past year as this is my 3rd visit there in a year. Not unfortunate because of them as they are very sweet and serve as great ambassadors but because I have lost my 3rd dog within a year and have had to go there to pick their ashes. Last week we suddenly lost our beautiful Sydney who graced us with her life for 13 years, she died of Leukemia. Until the very end Sydney was full of life, never complained always greeted you with a smile and held your hand for as long a you liked, a truly pure and beautiful soul.

As we walked around the grounds John said it made him sad, but I felt different I told him all the dogs that we see in the area we are allowed to walk had good lives as they had owners who loved them enough to pay tribute to them here. Think of the thousands and thousands of dogs that are brought here from shelters each year with no names who had nobody and are cremated in on big pile that is the part that saddens me.

But not to be a downer this Furry Friday as my friends up there do make you smile. And here is something for Sydney :)

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