Friday, August 13, 2010

Note to Self

Yesterday Brad had the most wonderful picture of sheep on his stream which inspired me for today's photo

Well I knew just where to go and as I drove up there they were all grazing in the grass, looking right at me and some even approaching so I thought WOW this is great I am going to get a fantastic shot it will be an EXPLORE 1st page this is such a great scene. So there I was setting up ready to click the camera when who wakes up, my 3 hounds who proceed to wale and they scared the beejeezas out of the poor little lambs who started running for their lives as I was yelling wait wait they won't hurt you and the more I yelled the more the hounds howled! So anyway folks here is my version of Brads gorgeous photo but on the back end.

This year I told myself I was going to learn lessons in photography, well note to self when out shooting farm animals do not take the hounds! Happy Furry Friday all :)

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  1. :) a good thing to know, right? i still like the abundance of them and they are all turned the same way