Saturday, August 14, 2010

Does Anyone Talk Anymore?

It struck me the other day while sitting in Starbucks that almost everyone there had some sort of electronic device.  There they were people sitting together yet not communicating just staring blankly into some sort of screen and drinking their coffee concoctions.  What were they staring at I thought, what could be more interesting then having a real conversation with the person you came to Starbucks with in the first place.  It seems to me that our new generation has lost the art of talking, well at least talking with live people as they certainly do a lot of talking on cell phones, texting, and emailing (although even e:mail is becoming obsolete).  It was funny for me to actually see someone with a real PAPER, newspaper, I felt as if I had discovered something from an old archeological dig so of course I had to photograph that!

Sometimes I fear that people will not come out of their houses anymore, what is the need, you can communicate with the electronic devise of your choice; in the 22nd Century we will have robots to clean our home, electronic pets to scamper about the house, we can dial in to work.  Oh all that metal so cold and so distant, I am glad I won’t be around then.

How do you suppose we will communicate in the 22nd century, maybe we will be able to read each others minds by then and do away with all the electronics, or maybe we will realize that it is actually nice to sit and have a cup with a friend in person and actually talk….  One of the best parts about talking in person is actually seeing your friend’s reaction to what you are saying, or the touch of their hand to assure you all will be well. 

As I sit here alone staring at my computer screen I wonder who is out there and what do they think of this……

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