Sunday, August 1, 2010

Everyone needs a hug

This is Sapphire, I had a heck of a time photographing her as all she wanted to do was hug John. When we first met Sapphire she was really scared to come out with us, once we got her out she realized we weren't so bad so John walked her for a while so she could relax and I could set up the shot. While they were standing there waiting for me to focus this series of encounters occurred that I had to share with you. Check out the look of happiness and complete relaxation in her face the more John hugged her, it really brought tears to both our eyes. Sapphire was found as a stray, it looks like maybe she has had a litter and she is about 2 years old. Not trained in how to sit, stay, etc. but she sure knows how to give you love. I tell you were we not be at our limit of dogs allowed in a household Sapphire would have been part of our family today. It is funny there is this very renowned dog behaviorist that says dogs do not like to be hugged, well looking at these photos I think she better go back and do some more research. Not only does this dog like to be hugged but I have five at home that give me big bear hugs everyday when I get home from work. Who ever adopts Sapphire is going to be one lucky person as this is a dog who will shower you with love and affection. Sapphire is a precious jewel indeed.

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