Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 241/365 - Princess Cake

Day 241/365 - Princess Cake, originally uploaded by sunmallia.

This is a Princess Cake, or what is left of it anyway! This is the one cake I insist upon every year it is made up of a standard white cake mix with layers of fluffy whipped cream and raspberry jam, then covered again with whipped cream and a sheet of marzipan, then molded into a little dome shape. It makes me feel like a princess for a day, that and the tira I wear while eating it, ha ha ☺

So I think in 59 years I have learned these 5 things:

1.Don’t hold a grudge, it is not worth your time or energy
2.If the urge to twirl overtakes you, then you must twirl regardless of where you are
3.Never judge a book (person) by its cover, open and read it if you don’t you will have done yourself a great disservice.
4.Pay it forward, help those less fortunate then you, and believe me they will remember. When I was little we were helped by some wonderful people until we were able to get back on our feet and I have never forgotten and always keep then in my prayers
5.Take 15 minutes a day and just smile, you can do this in private or in public, although I must say the public one does frighten some people but that is their problem not yours.

Have a great day my friends, take a minute and enjoy your view. ☺


  1. What a magical photograph, and it looks delicious, too! Was it your birthday?! If so, hope it was a happy one! :)

  2. I had princess cake for the first time ever last year at a little cafe in Los Angeles and fell in love. This is a beautiful picture!

    Am also a big fan of twirling. :-)

  3. beautiful lessons for sure....i agree

    and what a gorgeous cake!!! Happy birthday!! I hope it is a beautiful beautiful year