Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9/365 2010

Was walking by the hallway last night and saw the little thingys on my lamp glitter so I pulled out my trusty Pentax and took a photo. A nice warm and cozy Friday night which I need after a long week.

I must tell you I had a crazy ride home yesterday. As I was on the freeway this crazy guy cut in front of me within inches of my car and almost hit me, so I did the obligatory honk but he did not care he just kept moving and terrorizing everyone who was in front of him. Then to boot I noticed he took the same exit I was going to take, ye gads, now he is going to terrorize my poor little town too! Anyway I drove slower so I would not have to deal with him, but then just as I was crossing the El Camino there he sat STUCK behind 5 or 6 other cars waiting for his light to turn. So as I passed I drove slowly and turned and looked him in the eye and just smiled and waved and passed him up and let him sit in the dust! Ah the universe does work in strange ways, thanks universe for giving me a happy ending!

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  1. ha ha good for you! Your photos are lovely, I am really enjoying browsing through them. Welcome to Lensustogether I have enjoyed your posts there too.