Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31/365 - 2010

Meet Presley. Presley is 4 years old and a Black and Tan Coonhound

I had to use the old squirrel in the tree ploy to get her to sit still and pose for me so if you are wondering what she is looking at....... She could do this for hours by the way so if I want her to stay quiet for a while I keep telling her to look for Mr. Squirrel.

I got Presley 3 years ago, I first saw her as I was ending my shift at the kennel and went to say goodbye to all the dogs. She had just been put in the kennel and put up for adoption, she was huddled in the back of the kennel shaking like a leaf. I went in and she buried her head in the corner so I talked to her for a while and then leashed her and took her out for the whole walk she had her tail between her legs. She reminded me of my little Beagle Lily when I first met her. When I went home I just kept thinking about her but I figured she is so pretty someone will surely adopt her today. I went back Monday for a training class we do with the shelter dogs and as it turned out the Behavior Manager was sick and the class was canceled, so I thought I would take a look to see if she was still there and sure enough she was. I happened to have my two beagles Skippy and Lily with me and I brought them in to see what they thought, well everyone fell in love and she came home with us that night.

As soon as I got her home she knew she was home. She is the smartest dog I have ever trained she picks up anything I teach her within minutes. In the morning she jumps on my bed everyday around 5 a.m. and lays on her back and wants to be petted. When I get home at night she jumps on her hind legs and gives me a big bear hug.

She is my best girlfriend:)

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