Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11/365 - 2010

Volunteer day at the shelter and my friends Sonny and Cher improved by leaps and bounds! When we first met them all they wanted to do was huddle together and now they are actually coming up to John and I for some affection. I know we are not the only ones at the shelter working with them there are a lot of great volunteers and staff there that have helped them to move up this far. I tell you when Cher came over to give me that kiss I wanted to yell YAHOO but couldn't because I would scare the heck out of her so I yelled it inside. They are even remembering who we are, when we came into the kennels to get them they came right up front to say hello. Sonny is ready to go when you go into fetch him Cher is still a bit shy of that leash, but upside to that my cattle roping skills are improving.

BTW thank God dogs don't care what you look like, if you read my post from yesterday you know I need a little tinkering to look presentable, well when I go to the shelter I don't tinker. But that is what I love about dogs they love YOU!

So that is the news from the shelter this weekend, hope you all had something to make your weekend as happy as mine :)

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