Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4/365 - 2010

Day 4 is Volunteer day at my local animal shelter :)

Meet Sonny and Cher, these two lovelies were found as strays back in October of 2009. They are quite a challenge to work with as they are so afraid of anything new, i.e. people, environment, etc. They so love and depend on each other, if Sonny think we are mishandling Cher he immediately comes to her side. They are both making progress slowly, yesterday was monumental Sonny actually came up to John and I and wanted to engage us and Cher meekly followed which took great courage on both their parts.

It makes me sad to see situations like this, not for the dogs as I am glad that they got themselves out of their situation but for the people who made them this way. Not just Sonny and Cher but all the animals in the shelter my heart just hurts to see them in their kennels scared and alone and not knowing why.

I would love for all people to go to a shelter and adopt an animal, especially now with the economy being like it is and so many being surrendered. But what I stress most is do your research first, make sure you are ready to invite one of these beautiful creatures into your home. The benefits of having an animal in your life are too infinite to list, but I can guarantee if you want true and pure love you will receive it hundred fold.

Hope to update you on Sonny and Cher in the weeks ahead with good news on their progress!

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