Saturday, September 11, 2010

Firey Friday

Day 252/365 - Firey Friday, originally uploaded by sunmallia.
Well I can’t say this has not been an exciting vacation!

Don’t know if you heard about the explosion in San Bruno, California, well that is my little town and I experienced the most frightening day of my life yesterday!

Yesterday Cody and I were preparing to do our Furry Friday photo when all of a sudden I heard a huge explosion and the whole house just shook and it felt like it would not stop. Then we ran outside and saw this huge cloud of smoke coming toward us with the strangest sound, lots of hissing and sizzling. I ran out to the front of the house to see what was going on and one of my neighbors told me they heard a plane had crashed into the homes on the other side of the street, we later found out it was a gas leak from an underground pipe. The sound of the explosion was one I have never heard it was like a hissing windy sound that was sucking in everything in its wake. The flames were as high as 150 feet and the smoke just started covering every thing I could see. My Aunt and Uncle were right at the explosion site and started running as soon as they heard the boom, got in their car and tried to get to me, it took them 45 minutes to drive less then a quarter of a mile as everyone was trying to get out. The fire fighters did not have water for 30 minutes as the explosion also blew out a water main so the planes are what saved us at the beginning. By some miracle the winds changed and the smoke started moving away from my house, my area is in the canyon where as my aunt and uncle are on top of the hill where the original explosion took place. Anyway I am rambling just excited to be back home, have electricity and have my family. You know they tell you to grab what is important in an emergency, well I figured out what is important to me as soon as we got the evacuate I got my dogs, my camera equipment and computer and some clothes, not an exercise I wanted to do but at least now I know what I can’t do without.

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  1. Wow! SO scary! We are about 30 miles south of you and were just horrified watching it all unfold on the news. I can't imagine being so close to it--I am relieved you are okay, but so sorry you had to go through that!

    The picture is amazing, but I'm sure you wish you'd not have been in a position to snap such a shot!