Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 247/365 - Windmills

Day 247/365, originally uploaded by sunmallia.

Well folks it has to be the shortest vacation in history! We made it to Lebec, California Friday night no problem and stayed at a Rest Stop overnight, first big mistake, trucks coming in all night so we got little sleep after driving 9 hours. Then we got up Saturday morning to go to Joshua Tree and the clutch on the truck gave way, we made it to the RV Park and called several dealer ships and auto repair places and no one could help us until Tuesday meaning we would probably be at Joshua Tree through Wednesday. Nothing against Joshua Tree it is probably a nice place we never did get to see it as we could not drive to it and we were only 2 miles away! Anyway we decided it was not worth sitting in the 105 degree heat so we decided to come home and got back around 1 a.m. this morning. The clutch worked as long as we did not have to shift to much so that sure was an interesting ride home!!!!!!!! Anyway having my pitty party today and them tomorrow I start my staycation lots of great things here in the bay area to shoot too :(

This is at a rest stop in Palm Springs, who knew Palm Springs had so much wind!

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