Monday, June 7, 2010

Roadtrip - Nevada's High Desert County

For most of the trip to Idaho this is what we saw.  Miles and miles of rugged mountains and sage grass with a small farm tucked here and there.  You can drive for hours and not see a single soul, which sometimes scares me as I always think what do we do if the car breaks down, it's not like you can walk to the gas station.  I got to wondering about the truckers that make these journeys day in and day out it must be a special type of person who enjoys this solitude, I mean I like the quiet but.....   Then the farmers out there all alone in this wilderness I can't imagine where their neighbors might be.  On the plus side it is a beautiful site to behold, I always try to ingrain the sites in my head I want to be able to close my eyes when having a bad day at work and think about what I see as we drove by, hope I never forget.

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