Friday, June 11, 2010

Dedicated to all the Tin Can Travelers

Often when we travel we find stretches of road like this that go on and on without a soul in site. Coming from the Bay Area it is quite a nice change and when these people have signs up that say traffic congestion I always laugh as it usually means two cars and a school bus.

I like the peacefulness of traveling an open road like this, just looking out onto the mountains and open ranges as we motor by. Sometimes when we haven't seen anyone for a long while I do get a little nervous as I am always scared we will break down and sometimes we do not have phone access. But then I see a dear or bird or something that catches my interest and I get back to taking pictures and all my concerns fly out the window.

Anyway this one is for all the Tin Can Travelers out there, safe journeys to us all :) 

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